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Pre-School visits to Conewood Manor

At our pre-school settings we are always striving to improve the experiences that we offer the children. 

Since late 2018 we have been taking small groups of pre-school children to visit Conewood Manor nursing home. Each child at our settings is offered the opportunity to take part in these visits, with each group doing a 6 week block of once a week visits (much like Forest School).

We spend an hour and a half at Conewood Manor with the children and during this time they take part in games, messy play, singing and dancing alongside the residents of the home.

Studies have shown that taking children regularly into nursing homes is mutually beneficial for children and residents. The residents become happy and animated when the children visit, they look forward to the visits and dementia patients are positively stimulated by reliving memories from their past.

Studies suggest that children positively benefit from an increase in their independence and confidence. Through elderly residents attention and interaction, children become more confident and in turn the bond that is formed, allows young children to appreciate the elderly.

When at the nursing home, the children are supervised by Little Ladybirds staff at all times and thorough risk assessments will have been done by ourselves and Conewood Manor.

Please note due to covid 19 and the risk to the residents we have put this on hold, we are looking at ways we can continue to enjoy our relationship with conewood manor and we will look to return as soon is safe to do so.

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