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Night Owls After School Care

Night Owls after school care was established in September 2003, it was only based at St Josephs Catholic Primary School and served around 5 to 6 children and 2 of those were my own. 

Within the past 20 years we have grown our provision to offer our services to many more schools, 

Windhill 21, St Joseph's, Northgate, All Saints, Hillmead and Magna Carta

 Please find below some helpful information.​ 

Our Night Owls settings are fun and exciting, where children are encouraged to self choose their activities with the support of the staff. Staff will also set up invitations and provocations based on the interests all of the children who attend. 

Our environment is created to provide the children with a home from home feel, we have created a sense of Hygge, hygge is a feeling you cannot translate. It's about a space that promotes emotional well-being, togetherness and friendship. It's a place children can feel comfortable to snuggle down or explore with confidence. Far removed from an institutionalized sterile setting, Hygge offers children within our settings a sense of security and well-being. An extension of their home and not a watered down version of school.

Maria Montessori said "adults admire their environments; they can remember it and think about it - but a child absorbs it. The things he sees are not just remembered; they form part of his soul. He incarnates in himself all in the world about him that his eyes see and his ears hear"

All of our settings have outside areas which we take full advantage of and children are encouraged to spend time outside enjoying their natural surroundings, sports and games in all weathers.  


We provide a light tea every evening at 5pm and we will always ensure that every dietary need is catered for. If you don't want your child to have tea because of early pick up or any other reason please email the office or call 01279 771367 to let us know. We do suggest that our younger children will not need anything else to eat once home, but our older children may need a little bit more to keep them going as it is only a light tea. 

All of our meals are prepared from scratch by our qualified chef, cooked at our Northgate Setting in Bishops Stortford  and delivered to all of our settings. We operate on a three week menu and you can request a copy of this from our office or via ParentZone.

We also ask that you avoid collecting your child between 5 to 5.30pm if they are eating tea as we ask that all staff sit with the children to discuss their day and share their thoughts. We also encourage the children to help lay the table, clear the table and assist with kitchen duties. The staff do of course support and supervise this, but we make this part of our daily rituals and routines. 



Night Owls sessions finish at 6.30pm and we ask that you arrive no later than this to collect your child. 

We do however understand working pressure and traffic or train delays. All we ask is that you always call us in the event that you maybe late to arrive, this allows us the chance to explain to your child and to the staff looking after them, we want your child to feel safe and know that you are ok.

Please call 01279 771367 if before 5pm if after call 07745262676

Failing to notify us may result in late payment charges.

What our customers are saying

I've got to say, we're so happy with Night Owls. The staff are all lovely and it's worth every penny!

St Joseph's Night owls family

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